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Atarah in Maroon

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  • Leather slip-on heels with a round heel that's unique and one-of-a-kind
  • Features chic knotted leather straps that are sturdy and classic
  • Has a cushion for extra comfort
  • Handmade and handlasted in the Philippines by local artisans
  • Material: Vegetable-tanned leather
    The leather is tanned using only natural tannins that are environmentally-friendly, more sustainable and gets better with age
  • Measurements (insole length): 
    • 35: 22.0cm
    • 36: 23.0cm
    • 37: 23.5cm
    • 38: 24.0cm
    • 39: 24.5cm

Please allow some minor discrepancy in the product's colour due to lighting and differences in monitor resolutions. The actual product may be darker/brighter in real life vs on a screen. In cases where this may occur, variances in colour cannot be considered a defect.

Please also expect some very minor variations, as these shoes were made by hand and humans may not be as consistently precise as machines typically are. Kindly also be aware that vegetable-tanned leather is made from natural plant sources, so it has its own unique shades and nuances that may not be uniform, but are ultimately a mark of its genuineness.  

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